Fall Fashion - Hot Color Trends for Fall 2018

After the selection of Pantone as the color of the year 2018, there was an exciting new range of color palettes that have been inculcated by the top most influential fashion brands and designers brining out the creativity and innovation of the Millennial. As the year has entered fall and slowly heading towards the New Year, the inspiring colors and hues of fall can be clearly noticed as the fresh and sensuous change in the world of fashion. Here we share all the new shades and hues that are runway approved and have already been hitting the market as the most favorite colors for fall fashion.

The Deep Shade of Olive-Martini Olive

You must have spotted the deep green shade that looked bit like olives, has been popular in the fashion scene this fall. The color depicts an essence of fall; the depth, melancholy and nostalgia. You can successfully get the color styled into corduroy pants or jackets. The fall/winter boots in this color look fabulous too and can be paired with anything from the pastel hues or dark shades of outfits. 







Every Shade of Yellow

Yellow seems to be the ‘it’ color this fall, and it can be spotted in its various and versatile hues. With anything from fiery yellow to Ceylon yellow or limelight; you better not miss the opportunity to celebrate the beauty and charms of fall with the panorama of this hottest color of the season. Get an outfit of the color and tone it down with the brown or darker shades or make it throb with life by pairing it up with orange and gold.

Even a slightest fashion addition of the color to your outlook can spice it up and give an exotic touch.

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